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Quick Post 6

Scenario 4, Quick Post 6: Leaping Lizards!
Initiative Order: Almego (21), Mirko (20), Veit (19), Bra'kan (12), Lizardfolk (10), Captain Squint & crew (8)

"Flank the beast! I'll do what I can to weaken it!" Almego yells out at the sailors as he puts away his quarterstaff and moves toward the large dinosaur. As he closes to within about thirty feet, he gestures while speaking words of magic. A coruscating ray of brilliant color leaps from Almego’s outstretched hand towards the large dinosaur. The enfeebling ray sails over the beast’s head and nearly hits the lizardman that is steering it! The ankylosaurus lets out another loud “Cronk!” and barrels straight ahead, as Almego backpedals a safe distance, drawing his bow. Never a dull moment around these folk.

Mirko takes aim at the lizardman sitting behind the head of the dinosaur and fires. The arrow glances off the driver’s shoulder as the beast lumbers by and Mirko curses his luck and reaches for another arrow just as a lizardman leaps from the back of the beast and charges him! Mirko grunts as he ducks under the stone-headed club of his attacker and comes up on the other side of it and reaches for his greatsword.
The lizardman wheels, snapping its tail around and slapping Mirko in the ribs! (D3) Mirko grunts in pain and raises the greatsword, swinging wildly at his foe. The lizardman easily blocks the blade with a crude looking shield and steps back, even as some of the sailors charge it from behind.

Veit calls upon Chauntea to give him courage but somehow cannot decide what to do in the face of such foes. And then his choices are taken from him as the ground comes alive around his feet! Seaweed and vines burst from the sandy shore, entangling the priest and holding him fast. Bra’kan sees his companion in trouble and shouts some encouragement before charging ahead. "Go ahead and use your magic, I'll use my axe to weaken the beast." Bra'kan shouts, rushing straight into the mess, not fearing any beast or those who can tame it. He meets a lizardman head-on and brings the double Orc axe around and down, cutting deep into the Lizardman’s chest! (D7) The scaly creature staggers from the blow, but recovers enough to attack the barbarian. Bra’kan dodges the stone axe attack and then swings his double axe at waist level, gutting the lizardman like a fish! (D9)
Bra’kan steps over the dead creature as the rear rider, a lizardman shaman, leaps off the back of the dinosaur hissing loudly. The large cudgel in his claws glows eerily and he smacks Bra’kan in the side of the head with it, addling the barbarian! (D13 - max dmg baby! )

Screams fill the air of dying men and raging Lizardfolk. The ankylosaurus literally runs over one of the sailors in its path, crushing him to pulp. And as the sandy beach soaks up his blood, the driver barks a command and the beast wheels about at an incredible rate, bringing its heavy tail around to smack another unfortunate sailor and send him flying into the swamp. “CRONK!” the beast bellows, as the driver turns it to find more sailors to trample.

Almego – 19/19 (Shield)
Bra’kan – 35/5 (Shield)
Mirko – 39/33
Veit – 25/11

Okay fellers - take a look at the updated map and talk to me. Don't like the delays between posts - I'm not gonna wait as long on the next one. Would like to wrap up this scenario by the weekend.
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