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"Flank the beast! I'll do what I can to weaken it." he yells out at the sailors as he puts away his quarterstaff. He closes to within about thirty feet then gestures while speaking words of magic. A coruscating ray of brilliant color leaps from Almegos outstretched hand towards the large dinosaur.

Never a dull moment around these folk he thinks to himself while pulling out his bow. After letting loose with his spell he backpeddles a safe distance then lets loose with a volley of arrows aimed at any that are not engaged in melee combat.

OOC: move to within 25 ft., cast ray of enfeeblement at the dinosaur, +6 ranged touch attack. Then move back behind the front liners, quickdraw bow and start firing at lizardmen not in melee combat, +6, 60ft. (1d6, Shortbow)
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