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Right, aspects. For your Defining Aspect, I think you want to more or less sum up the basic nature of the character in a way that gives you the option to invoke that aspect in situations where you think your character would do well. So . . . what does that mean?

Well, it means that if you can use that aspect to justify a bonus on some roll, you'll get a free bonus to one roll per encounter. So you want to choose something descriptive, and I'm going to say specific is better than general. For example, it might seem clever to choose an aspect like "Lucky", because frankly you think you can justify that anywhere. Which, technically is true, but what we're looking for is something defining. So I'm not really going to just give you a bonus on anything because it could have been lucky. It will have to be something that applies in spirit to the concept of the aspect. So somewhere that sheer luck was of importance, for example.

So better than "Lucky" would be something that gives it some context. "Luck of the Elvish" is better, because it hints at situations where it would likely apply, and also at situations where it might be a detriment. Ideally you can take that one step further and really give some specific flavor or tie to your character: "My Elvish Luck trumps your boring skill".

The idea is really to try and provide some fodder to generate ideas where it would be cool to invoke.