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Unread 21st of May, 2008, 23:35
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Thanks for the warning Tashalar, but I'm sure I can handle the Doombot, after all he's just a Doombot!

Besides, we do have so much in common seeing as I hate beer, and love country music. See we have a great love/hate relationship.

A couple other quick notes about myself, I do love Ouzo, which is far better than beer, and I enjoy working in my garden, getting my hands dirty. I also don't mind mocking, as long as those who mock, can handle being mocked.

On the game side, I have several character ideas I'm debating, but I haven't set anything in stone. A couple are characters that were created, but then got very little play time, and I hate putting a lot of sweat and tears into something that then just sits around. I'll be happy to play any of these ideas, but was waiting to get more of a group impression.

Okay I better do some work now, I'll check in later.
I am, therefore, I shall be.
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