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Hey, great to see everyone!

Okay, to be quite frank I'm a little nervous about this endeavor. I like each of you as players (obviously), and have been giving myself a bit of a psyche out, about things. It's just new campaign flutters, I'm sure.

Okay, now to it. If you aren't familiar with Athas, or Dark Sun, don't sweat it. The way I see it, this place is going to simply be the starting point, not necessarily the end-all. For the curious, though, visit the keepers of Athasian lore. It's not required reading, but it can give some insight for if you want to play someone from the planet.

To that end, you folks are epic, which means that you either have the personal means, or know someone who has the means, of getting you from point A to point B, wherever that might be. That means that even though the backdrop is Athas, you most definitely are not limited in your goals with character creation.

Some starting Guidelines:

Character rolling: Geeze, you're epic, right, roll to taste and tell me the result. I'm expecting high power, so if, after you have rolled, your point-buy total is lower than... 40, try again. Seriously, I'm easy. I expect a maxed "primary stat" and some really good other stats. I mean, you sure didn't become epic by that circlet of persuasion...

Or did you?

Classes, Prestige classes, skills and feats are wide open, but please stick to WOTC stuff. I have trouble getting access to 3rd-party cra... products, and, honestly, the sprawl is bad enough with what our friends from Renton have provided us. Any 3.5 or non-replaced 3.0 is acceptable, but run stuff by me first before you set your heart on something. Oh, and go ahead and give me a vote for starting level. If you folks don't care, we'll stay at the shallow end of the pool, at level 25.

Equipment will be by the book(s), which means you have a lot of choices. Again, lemme know what you are considering, so I have some idea. If you want to dive into custom items, then naturally we'll be working together.

A note on alignment, et al. It's a shoehorned contrivance that keeps you from playing that bardic monk, but it's still there. I personally have always functioned better when I get to play the bad guys. I humbly request that the party lean toward the good side.

Get to know one another. I think that the best way to have a great party is for the players to have a good rapport. I'm not saying that you have to have a "cohesive 4-character party" AT ALL. I want you to play what you want. The only thing that I would like to see, honestly, is that you, as players, have a decent handle on each other. No, I don't want to see interrelated backstories, I said players. Take some time out before we get to crunching and have a drink, so to speak.

I'll start things off:

I believe that anything beginning with "jet" or "rocket" gets my vote, thought I do love the do-it-yourself-tornado kit.
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