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The song came to a screaming climax, the final notes tearing through the air, assaulting the walls in a sonic barrage that stole the breath from the crowd. Harley beamed out at them all, drawing in deep draughts of air as his lungs recovered from the torturous ordeal that the previous song's vocals had put his lungs and vocal chords through. It was always hard, but it never failed to excite the crowd. He let the guitar fall on its strap, before gently pushing it behind him, idly thumbing the volume as he pushed it back to kill any feedback. He nodded out over the crowd and spread his arms, and waved on the cheer it elicited. Suddenly he made a chopping motion with his hands and the crowd fell silent, so the only sound was the rich laughter that spilled from his lips as he threw his arms back up and cheering and calling resumed.

Turning for a moment, he shrugged off the leather jacket he had come on stage in, revealing a black band t-shirt proclaiming the band logo tight against his muscular frame, with mesh sleeves running down to his wrists. He adjusted the guitar for a second, turning the volume back up and running through a lightning quick riff that had the crowd screaming for more.

Still breathing deeply, he stepped up to the mike, exhaling one breath into the mouthpiece, suddenly bring the room into a much more intimate atmosphere:
"Well, I see I've got you attention now." He gently unhooked the mike and dropped down to squat just in front of the audience. "You guys can rock pretty hard, but I don't think you're giving it your all. Metal ain't bout holdin' back!"

He pointed at a random group of kids in the centre. "Show me how much you rock" A nervous "rock" followed. "ROCK!" Harley bellowed back.
"Alright!" His eyes scanned the rest of the hall and he began to tap out a beat on the mike. 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. "Rock rock ROCK! He yelled, and singled out a different group of fans, a small girl with glasses next to a short boy with messy hair and their friends.
"You! 1-2-3, we wanna ROCK ROCK ROCK! What do ya wanna do?" The manic grin ran round his sharp features like a kitten with a ball, as he dropped the mike on one leg and swung up his guitar and began to strum power chords to the 1-2-3 beat and leveled the guitar at group:
"Whatddya want?! Tell me!"
OOC: Just to clarify, the second group of people Harley focuses on is meant to be your guys characters, I've checked this with Shakespeare and he's given me a little artistic license with where in the crowd you are. It won't keep you from your chat, and once you've answered him, the second song will kick off

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