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Conduit smirked, the gesture somehow coming off as cruel more than bemused in the pale light of the lengthening evening. She tossed a sideways glance at the gargoyle, and replied, "If this were any other night, I'd be telling you to get lost, but you've caught me in a rare mood, so I'll spill." She half-turned, considering the creature for a long moment before resuming. "Someone I know took his life recently -- poisoned himself, they're saying -- but I don't know why. He wasn't sick, and he wasn't depressed -- he was healthy and happy. For a mutant."

A sigh, barely recognisable for what it was, escaped her lips, and Conduit perched herself upon the edge of the building, crouching down as she considered the line of people being funneled into the hotel. "He met with a man before he died, a man we know to be here tonight. I want to find out what the hell happened, what this guy did to Calvin."


The mass began to thrive and sway, pushing the group in the corner about without cause or concern, as the doors to the ball room -- modified heavily to accomodate a metal band -- opened outwards, allowing admittance to the hoard of eager fans waiting beyond. Surging further into the complex, the sea stole with it Eddie, Evan, and Jill, who had to fight the current in earnest to keep themselves together.

Beyond the main doors lay a hall that was vast, easily large enough to house the few thousand attendees. A bar lined the eastern wall, and was manned by eight members of staff, all wearing masks of anxiety when they saw the size of the swarming fans. The stage, elevated beyond the norm by artificial means, was at the far end of the room, bathed in the flamboyant, diverse lights that were etched into the wall. Instruments were laid out in preparation, but no-one was yet visible.

Struggling to maintain their distance from one another, the trio pressed themselves close to a corner near to the stage, whilst the other metalheads began to fan out, picking a spot that they would no doubt vacate from in preference to some other later in the show. Drinks were shared out and the bar staff went to work; a man got up onstage and went to check the clarity of the microphone, before hastily rushing off into the wings.

Eddie and Evan glanced around, each looking for their other friends in the growing throng of people; Jill did the same, but her target was barely known to her, and inspired a totally different set of emotions in her heart. She scanned the bar, but couldn't spot Patrick Lipman anywhere. Glancing down at her watch, she noticed that the time was 2342hr -- she had eighteen minutes to kill.

An explosion of cheers and the emittance of overbearing excitment drowned their efforts at reconissance, as a quartet of individuals -- all garbed in clothing appropriate to the genre of their choice -- rushed out onto the stage and took up either instruments.

The show was about to begin.


Editor's Notes: Okay, firstly, let's welcome Pulse495 to the game. I'll let him add more detail to the band itself, the instruments, and the layout and progression of their show. Just be sure to keep pace with myself, so that we don't end up missing parts that I want to include.

In the interest of giving you all more time to interact, I'm giving you an eighteen minute window in which to do what you wish; when that's up, or if I think things are slowing, I'll move the game on to 2359hr, and have Patrick Lipman show up. But since the show is loud enough to provide ample cover for your conversations, I'd advise you to use the time to get up-to-date with one another.
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