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At first Ashley dragged Eddie along behind her and that was fine she wasnt that strong and it wasnt too busy to be awkward but once they where inside the building Ashley's grip lossened and Eddie was released to the mercy of the crowd. Butthanks to his stature there was no mercy to be found. He lost Ashley quickly and begane to bounce off people who didnt ntice him or didnt care. he was tempted to grab one especially pushy guy and use him as a plow.

He quickly found a corner where he wouldnt be assulted and using a nearby ledge he spotted Ashley being sheperded into the main area. He waved and mouthed 'I'll see you in there.' When he hopped down from the ledge he found Evan and the girl from the wherehouse with him, whose name was apparently Jill. He looked over her outfit and couldnt help but whistle. "Wow. Now i feel really underdressed" He looked down at his own outfit, a red sleevless top, brown cargo shorts (which were more like 3/4 trousers on him) and a denim jacket which was tied around his waist. He had his hair loose making a red curtain that soped at his jawline. "Maybe i should suit up at least then id match everyones colour schme."
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