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It had been a frustrating week for Igneous. The suicide had shaken him deeply. He knew that people died in the city. Died constantly, in many ways. But never like that.

Certainly, he had seen the aftermath, had studied a few of the scenes before the police arrived or after they left, in an attempt to find clues they might miss, but as of yet he hadn't found anything he felt proud of - most criminals he tracked were also found by the police. There was one that he was certain had been guilty, but the police had arrived, questioned him, and left. Days later he found a newspaper indicating someone he had never suspected had been arrested. It was strange, and he couldn't figure out the chain - it had worried at him.

And then the suicide had interrupted. It exemplified all that he had felt of late - arriving too late, being powerless to stop it, trying and failing to make a difference, and then having to flee before being discovered. It was, in many ways, worse than the first few days after he had come to his own mind. At least then, he had an excuse - his choices were not his own, and the awful things he had done could be placed on the head of another. This was him, and him alone. He had seen the woman, and had not been able to move fast enough. He had tried, with all his might, to reach her. He had pushed as hard as he could, and it had not been enough.

If he hadn't been afraid of being seen, perhaps he would have been closer, and been able to make a difference. As much as he feared the results, he was working his way to convincing himself that he needed to stop hiding, and take what came.

He had been following the others, watching them. He had watched Toxin foil a bank robbery, but the strange young man had done so all by himself, and Igneous had been able to convince himself that his assistance would make no difference. He had watched as Evan's popularity had skyrocketed, which meant he wasn't comfortable approaching the teenager for fear of being seen. Conduit and Jill had been better - they were hiding as well, so he had been able to get close to them, but it hadn't helped until this night. From what little he had seen and heard, Conduit had a plan for the night, and Jill was part of it. He was worried that Conduit was going to corrupt the impressionable girl, and he planned to keep a close eye on their actions.

And then he saw Evan. Was he a part of this? Was it coincidence? And who was the young man that was engaged in a small but heated argument?
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