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Unread 24th of June, 2004, 10:49
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Originally Posted by Arkobla Conn I'm looking forward to playing again - and thank everyone who voted for the forum style. I can't dedicate an entire night to the OpenRPG right now, but I really wanted to get into the flavor of playing Conan RPG. As a Zamoran, I'm not playing my typical style of character - but that's good too.

I want to warn everyone that I'm off to Origins this week, so I won't be as communicative as I'd like. I've posted and will try to check here via my laptop at the end of the days - but conventions can get pretty long.
Hey Rich, I too have been playing D&D/AD&D since 1979 and expanded to have over 30 RPGs now after two and a half decades. I'm a tournament RPG judge for Dragon*Con and will be running this Conan game there this year.

Have fun at Origins. I've run many online games (OpenRPG) and some on message boards previously. This is a first on this board and hopefully it'll go well. I'm playing in a Mage game here so visit this site nearly daily. Might end up using the dice roller in OpenRPG as I thought there was one with this message board, but can't find it. I know there are some other dice rollers available too. Guess I need to talk with some of the long time GMs here.
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