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Unread 23rd of June, 2004, 12:29
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Hi all - My name is Rich - and I'm from Pennslyvannia. I've been Role playing for 25+ years and have run some online games before. I was the founder of an online/email game called iMagi - an Ars Magica Game - that flourished for about 5 years before life took it's toll.

I'm looking forward to playing again - and thank everyone who voted for the forum style. I can't dedicate an entire night to the OpenRPG right now, but I really wanted to get into the flavor of playing Conan RPG. As a Zamoran, I'm not playing my typical style of character - but that's good too.

I want to warn everyone that I'm off to Origins this week, so I won't be as communicative as I'd like. I've posted and will try to check here via my laptop at the end of the days - but conventions can get pretty long.

(If I don't have good access, assume I'll play it safe until it's clear what's going on and then I'll support the group)

See you in Hyboria!
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