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New Werewolf the Forsaken Chronicle

Hey folks,

I'll be looking for three, five or even six players to join me in a game of Werewolf the Forsaken. Players who are interested should (ideally) be fans of the setting, and own a copy of the rules (I'll be using the pre-God-Machine Chronicle rules, albeit with some house rule additions, mentioned below).

The plan is to set the chronicle within the Rockies, with the pack being brought together via the efforts/favours of Max Roman (as part of his multi-pack "unification project"). Not unlike the start of the Manitou Springs kickstarter, this means that we have a pack fortunate enough to have a territory handed to them; but that doesn't mean they have it easy. Far from it. They will need to prove, both to their Forsaken neighbours and to themselves, that they deserve the area - because they can be sure that someone will try and take it from them if they can't.

I've got no restrictions in mind where tribe or auspice are concerned, though it would be cool to try and get a "blessed pack" together (a pack formed from members of different auspices). Concept and backstory are most important to me: wow me with those, and I'll be happy to work through tribe and auspice choices with you.

At this time, I have access to the following books (meaning that players can reference/request material from them for use): Armoury, Armoury Reloaded, WoD Core Rulebook (pre-God-Machine version), Merits Compendium 3, Blood of the Wolf, Hunting Ground - the Rockies, Signs of the Moon, and Werewolf the Forsaken. If you want to use material from other sources, you'll need to be able to reference them on my behalf.

I plan on incorporating the following Combat Hacks, Armoury Reloaded, into the game, as I believe they enhance it greatly. Players interested in the game should be aware of them, and accept them, before seeking to join:

- Feral Defences: When a werewolf wears the war-form, the near-wolf form, or the wolf form, he applies the higher of his Dexterity or Wits as his Defence, like an animal.

- War-Form Gamble: As stated in Werewolf: The Forsaken, werewolves can only maintain their fearsome half-man, half-wolf war form for a number of turns equal to their Stamina + Primal Urge (+ their auspice’s favored Renown during their auspice moon phase). Under this system, that value is the base time a werewolf can remain in the war-form reasonably safely. After that time has expired, the werewolf begins to risk Death Rage. Every turn past the time limit, roll the werewolf’s Resolve + Composure as a reflexive action. During the werewolf’s auspice moon phase, add his auspice’s primary Renown to this roll. Every turn, this roll suffers a cumulative –1 penalty. When the roll fails, the werewolf immediately enters Death Rage.

- Gauru Regeneration: Uratha in Gauru form regenerate all bashing and lethal damage each turn, instead of one bashing damage per turn. (This is a rule taken from WtF Second Edition, and not from Armoury Reloaded.)

Let me know if you're interested guys!
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