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Juni trembles, the conversation adding to the chill of the evening. She finally sips at her wine, cupping the mug in her hands and letting the steam warm her face. Recalling Vywodor's murder had left her feeling shaky, for all that she had made it sound so matter-of-fact.

And now, what is this that Shade is saying about a shadow?

"I don't think that's possible," Juni says without much conviction. Of course, she really has no idea what is possible or impossible, not when it comes to the creatures of nightmare, like the one they fought back in Tradeholm. "I mean, how could it... do that?"

But wait. That might explain Shade's recent strange behavior, including her apparent reluctance to harm the second shadow that attacked her. Had she felt some sort of kinship with it?

"But what would that mean?" Juni asks, suddenly more than half believing that it might be true. Her voice falls to a barely audible whisper. "That creature was not a living thing, Shade." After a moment's pause: "Maybe you should see a priest."