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Because it's what I do.

Shade shakes her head slowly, either at the thought or at Juni - impossible to tell which. Arjuna wasn't going to let it go, of that she was sure. Truth be told, Shade knew she owed her an explanation and - more importantly - she wanted to talk to her. Shade carefully averts her eyes, staring up at the night sky. After a while, she speaks, still looking away.

"There are things you don't know. They are good people; Nicos, Blarth -"


She shakes her head again.

"Not me. I'm . . ."






"It doesn't matter."

Her cold grey eyes find Arjuna.

"You ought to go. Pack your stuff and get out of that room. It's a big city. You're safe here and you can find something to do. You don't need me."