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At first it had been only habit that had Shade take a winding course through the alleys. After all, nobody even knew her in this town. Yet after a few turns she caught a glimpse of a figure behind her that she'd seen earlier. A few more random changes in direction along with surreptious monitoring of her surroundings convinced her that she was indeed being followed. Thoughts of Skathros brought a sudden, tight fear into her stomach. Her rationality quickly dispersed that idea - if he was tailing her she wouldn't know it until he stabbed her between the shoulder blades. And he was probably dead anyway.

Not one of his goons either, as they'd be slicker than this person. Too small to be a thug; probably an amateur cutpurse. She leads the way into darker environs and waits for a chance to slip into hiding. Her pursuer turns their head abruptly and she ducks into deep shadow and waits, confident of her skill. The figure eventually moves forward, looking around uncertainly. There was something familiar in the walk . . . Shade is afforded a better view of the cloak as they approach, and by the time she catches a glimpse of blond hair she already knows it is Arjuna. She waits until the woman passes by before stepping out behind her. The first thought in her mind was to give her a good scare but she decides against it, having seen first hand what the woman was capable of when pressed.

"You're out late. Looking for someone?"