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"I'm sorry to hear about your monastery," Nicos said with a nod to Maeko's silent partner. "I came to Enderin with Shade, she's in there somewhere. I don't know about Cadrius, we split up a few weeks back, last I heard he was heading here but I havn't been able to track him down since.

"And if you'll excuse me for a second," Nicos groaned as he heaved himself to his heat. "I should take a look at the man before anyone else comes along."

Moving over to hastily examine the assassin, Nicos was only barely able to hold his stomach at the sight and smell of the gutted corpse. Finding only a black tattoo of a sun on the man's neck and a small purse with a few silver pieces, the one-armed man pocketed the money and turned back to the nuns, still struggling to keep from throwing up..

"Are you two heading into the city?" He asked, gesturing at his blood soaked clothes. "I'm about to head back there, but I need to try and get the blood out of my clothes first."
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