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Requesting a Forum

As mentioned from the very start, I've wanted to get a total of three games moving to occupy my time: no more, and no less. In the interest of getting things prepared, and the players involved in the creation process, I've decided to get my forum request up now.

Name: A World of Darkness
Description: Los Angeles, a city once belonging to the Anarch Movement, has been clamed by the Camarilla. The battlefield has changed hands and, in the wake of conflict, new Kindred rise to positions of power and prominence, or fall screaming into ruin. [Vampire the Masquerade - 20th Anniversary]
Current Player List: Foxtrot, Griffalo, Trenton
Sub-Forums: Player's Section, GameMaster's Section (Restricted)

I offer the souls of every forum member's first born. And a barrel of ale.

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