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Looks good gral!

If/when Discourse materializes the tray you'll be able to pick up the dimensional conduit that it comes along. Think of it as looking at the wiring of a circuit, and following the wiring as a signal is passed along it. Except instead of copper tracings, you're looking at pathways of folded space that more or less aren't coterminous with this dimension until they are used.

With this information you will be able to follow them to a dimensional "router" - a pocket of folded space that serves as an anchor for the lounge dimension that you're currently in. Using the arcanometer (i rolled a 6 for your skill roll) you'll be able to craft a device to help open that pocket and access the arcane device. With some study and re-engineering you think you'll be able to reconfigure the deflector array and basically rip a hole through this dimension into what you believe (hope) is the overarching dimensional space of the tower.