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"I'm not going to sleep with you."

"What?" Nicos said with shock. "I never-"

"I know your reputation," Lynn interrupted. "I just want to get that out in the open. No sex."

"Well if you know my reputation, then you know what I'd think of ultimatum like that," Nicos said slyly. "They're not the most effective way of getting your point across."

"Yeah but you'll be amazed at how dragging someone's bleeding body through the dark streets will kill any chance of romance."

"Ah that," the bard commented in mock anger. "Curse my frail mortal body. So you want to learn magic."

"It seems interesting," the young woman said with feigned disinterest. "I mean, you don't see it very often."

"This isn't the best way to do it," Nicos shook his head. "Look if you want to learn to use magic I can introduce you to some people who would be willing to teach you, it's a lot of study ..."

"No, they're - it's not really the thing."

"- or I know of some religious orders that aren't too horrific that use something similar to magic?"

"No, I like ... living like this. My life. Singing, playing, living. I don't want to give it up, even for the chance to learn how to use ... do we have to call it magic? It sounds so stupid, like something from a child's story."

"Let me know if you come up with a better term," Nicos commented dryly. "Look I don't really know how to use magic. I've just picked up a few tricks along the way, most are absolutely useless - want to know how to change your hair colour? And I've never tried to teach anyone before, even if you could learn I don't know if I could teach it."

"While you're trying you could give me a few singing lessons in the meantime."

"You could use them. Look we can spend some time and I'll see if there is anyway I could teach you, just keep in mind that this is new to me and it might be beyond both of us."

"It should be fun in any case," Lynn said. "Your reputation says that much, even if I won't sleep with you."


Hours later as the first, faint pink traces of dawn brushed the eastern horizon and the city began to stir, a pair of bards furtively crept out into the shadow drenched streets.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Lynn breathed into Nicos' ear as she tried her best to be invisible at his side.

"We have to get to somewhere safer," Nicos answered softly, trying to watch everything at once. "If the assassin is out here he'll soon get desperate enough to try breaking in anyway."

"You're right about that much at least," a mysterious, hate filled voice said loudly. Spinning about, the bards were in time to see a man step from the shadows with a naked blade in hand. "And so it ends, Nicos!"

"You!" the one-armed bard said, falling back into dramatics to cover his surprise. Looking the man over, the bard noted the quality clothes and trendy hairstyle marred by what seems to be mud and derbies of a night lying on the street. The sword in his hand was gold inlaid but looked very functional for all its fancy as it rested it hand that held it in comfort. Digging franticly though his mind however, Nicos could not find hint, scent or clue to who the man was.

"Could you give me some help here?" he added in a mocking conspiratorial tone. "I can't remember who you are."
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