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[OOC: I assume that the robot has responded in some way to Emily by the time Psycho begins her rant. In any event, Emily will wait to see what the robot has to say before answering Psycho]

Wiz turned her face down towards her suit, and muttered under her breath, "Wh-what's wrong with the colours of my costume? I mean, I know it's not really tech, but I don't have the resources for a power suit yet..."

Raising her head and her voice this time, "Well then. That was something, and I guess that got the introduction mostly taken care of. Thanks for the compliment.

Emily wasn't often complimented on her brains, except by her parents and close friends. Everyone else always seemed jealous or threatened. It felt nice to have an outsider just acknowledge her intelligence, and treat her as some kind of equal. Obviously there was some condescension there, but no active criticism. Well, except that bit about her costume. What was wrong with it?

"So, are we gonna be heading to the crime scene now?"
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