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Obsidian Dawn answered the phone cautiously for two reasons firstly a group of super heroes had just been murdered in a violent explosion and second the last time she had answered a phone that rang it had given her location to her brother who was still hunting her for an unknown reason. She accepted the call and said, "Hello? Who is this?"
and a voice replied, "You will know in time. Do you know the warehouse just down the street? If so go there now, if not ignore this message."

Lenora turned around and walked out of the restaurant and sprinted down the street. She had a feeling that she did know this warehouse. She passed it nearly everyday on the way to work, and everyday she wondered why it seemed so empty every day. Throwing caution to the wind she went full speed down the street and was at the warehouse in mere seconds. She walked to the door and found it unlocked she entered the door and walked inside.

She found a receptionist who turned to her as she walked in and said go through that door over there. I believe they're waiting for you. She knew that she looked mainly human but she was disturbed by how easily the receptionist seemed to notice that she truly was slightly transparent. She walked through the door and took a seat next to the other hero who seemed hard to actually focus upon. She Listened to the conversation without much input.
Then a decision was made The Shadow, and Hoplite would be going to the crime scene. She said, "I'll scout ahead of you guys because I could probably get there in a few minutes depending on how far it is."
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