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Shadow's attention focuses on Wiz for moment, plain by the change in the angle of his head since his features are shrouded. As he stands he stubs snuffs out the cigarillo with a gesture of one hand, index finger and thumb passing over the tip. The flame and remaining ash vanishing as the fingers pass over the thing. He slides the remainder into a silver case, and the case back into his pocket.

"I've been told people have started calling me 'Shadow'. I tend to prefer not to give my name however, so it will do. A pleasure to meet you, though I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances." he says, bowing slightly towards Wiz, mostly an inclination of his head and shoulders. Shifting a bit on his feet he looks towards Blue then. "I 'can' transport people. Yet I prefer to hold my resources in reserve. If it comes to that, I can move us. Yet for now, I think I would prefer to rely upon you, if that is acceptable."

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