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[Upon receiving the message]

Emily Vance is sitting in her tiny dorm room, putting the finishing touches on her little costume project.

Suddenly the internal display on her glasses shows a message in bright orange letters. This is odd, because these glasses are entirely custom-made with no networking capabilities.

Okay, this is weird. If someone has the ability to tamper with my hardware without me knowing how, I have to check out what's going on.

The spandex suit she'd gone out to buy as soon as she heard about what happened to Fight the Power sat on her small bed along with her Halloween wizard's hat and stun wand.

Well, I guess I've got an official call to action. Time for The Wiz to show these bullies that we supers will stick up for each other.


The Wiz, with her glasses morphed to visor mode to match the tech-spandex, boots and gloves, enters the room to find several other costumed folk already there. Well, she had taken the time to finish up her costume (it was harder work than she thought).

The only one there she recognizes is Psycho, who she knows was somehow affiliated with that Protectors group in Chicago which had made national news a couple of times. While she doesn't recognize the rest, they all look impressive enough. Though some seem intimidating like the guy in camouflage (which the nightvision on her visor does not seem capable of piercing) and the guy in the darkness, and the one in the baseball outfit seem quite out of place.

She finds a chair that had the initials "E.V." on it. Obviously they didn't know about her superhero name since she had just chosen it 3 hours ago! Still, the fact that they know so much about her scares her a little.

She sits down, and shortly thereafter, Iron Eagle begins his presentation.


The Wiz listens to the others speaking, while mentally fiddling around with her visor's displays, trying to get a good look at her team-mates (especially that guy with the weird darkness).

It must be magical. I don't think anything else could block so many channels of visual information in such a localized fashion. If he were playing by the rules, I'm sure something would be given off.

When Blue Blazes is done, The Wiz nervously clears her throat. "Well, I'm sort of a local, for the last few years anyway, and I have some useful equipment for analysing and investigating, and I think I would be able to help there. But don't you think we're rushing things a little? Shouldn't we, I don't know, introduce ourselves, get to know each other first, then start asking questions about the case?"

She glances around, seeing that she seems to have the attention of most of the group, who are staring at her as if expecting more.

"Oh, right, so um, yeah, my name is The Wiz, and I specialize in technology. I also consider myself pretty smart. I guess that's what you might need to know about me? Oh this is my first mission as a, um, hero, I guess? Actually, I haven't really done any crime-fighting before, I'm really new."

The Wiz breaks off at this point, blushing vividly. She looks expectantly to the others, hoping they'll chime in too.

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