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The Shadow flicks open a lighter, a glossy shine affair with the colorful image of an attractive blonde haired woman in 50's era motif attire ( including poodle skirt ) lighting a cigarette on the front. Thumbing the thing he gets a flame and begins to puff gingerly at a cigarillo, getting it started. The flame doesn't penetrate the deepening of shadows, or even darkness, that hides his features. The one bright speck of flame on the end of the cigarillo as he leans back and takes a pull, a spot of bright red in the black that covers him. The darkness rolls off of his whole body in fact, in small waves and tendrils... but doesn't seem to affect anything and never more than say about a foot or so.

Finishing that first pull he snaps the lighter closed and slips it back into a pocket of his greatcoat, exhaling and sniffing slightly. "I'm not local. But these guys were a team, right? And they were all handled at once, and finished off in a bad way. It... doesn't seem to make sense. If they were trying to stop someone, well. For a professional, there would be no reason to kill them if he could have just taken them out and walked instead. This creates a lot more tension. A lot more headache. A professional wouldn't have done this. Unless 'they' -were- the job. And if that were the case this whole thing would have happened a lot cleaner. No city block demolished in the fight. A professional would have handled them one at a time. This is too messy, too chaotic. Too many chances to lose the fight.


Something else happened here. It is... too strange. Yet, like I said. I am not local. Are any of you? This smells like something we are going to need some distinctly local intelligence regarding."

As he speaks Shadow's fingers, encased in dark leather gloves, of his free hand thrum lightly on the table in front of him. His body language speaks of his genuine consideration to the matter. He shakes his head slightly, though at what one can't tell exactly. "We are already at a disadvantage. They know we are trying to find them." he says, mild disgust in his voice.

He draws in another breath, then snaps his look over to the robot in the blue jeans. "What is known about the wounds of the deceased, or could be determined about the causes of death? Is there any information thus available that can help us determine the 'powers' or skills that were used in the killings?"

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