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Some context This is an except of the novel I'm pretending to write. It comes in at the end of section one, and has been kicking my arse for months now. This is only the first third or first half of the entry. I've been trying to have each one come in at about a thousand words, but this part is 14-Hundred words by itself.

Amicula: The protagonist and narrator, a girl with burgeoning empathic abilities she struggles to control.
Elicia: A mysterious, yet interesting girl Ami knows. She has rainbow dyed hair, and tends to dress in multicoloured outfits.
Robyn: Ami's roommate, currently flirting with a guy Ami knows is a sleaze.
Jordan: Someone from Ami's past. A source of much sorrow, self loathing and angst for yet undefined reasons.
The Plan: A needlessly complicated plan to convince Robyn that the Sleaze is a sleaze, included Elicia's unwitting involvement. Not important to this entry.
The Dance: People move in time to music.

Everything had been set in motion about an hour before the dance was due to start, which meant it was too late to back out now. Robyn wouldn't let me see what she was going to wear, so once she finished getting me laced up in my gear she scuttled off to get ready in peace, leaving me literally all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I'd arranged to meet Elicia at my room before I escorted her to the dance and her 'date,' but now that it was too late to do anything to stop it, I couldn't stop thinking about all the ways it could go wrong. I tried to put it out of my mind and wasn't getting anywhere when I remembered the bottle of vodka I had stashed away. I knew I shouldn't, I'd need an alert mind if I was going to pull tonight off, but I rationalised to myself that I'd also need a clear mind. So I had a drink, then I had two, then I had more. I was still drinking and had a decent buzz going when E finally turned up. I hid the bottle at the knock and opened the door to a vision of white.

Elicia's hair was freshly done, colours so vivid they almost glowed, but that was the only colour she wore. She had abandoned her normal rainbow-coloured outfit in favour of a simple, unadorned white dress that clung to her from shoulders to feet. As it always seemed with her clothing choices, it was impractical for the weather, the only concession made towards the cold being a white lace cardigan thrown over her otherwise bare shoulders, and the hint of her normal black boots peeking out from under the hem.

She had always been beautiful, but dressed like this she took it to whole other level and looked more like an elegant, radiant angel then rainbow adorned girl I normally wasted time with.
Amicula: Wow.
She flushed pink, giving me a shy smile that was a stark contrast with how she normally behaved.
Elicia: I'll take that as a good wow.
Amicula: Umm, yeah. You look I mean wow.
Her smile turned into a grin and she raked her eyes down over me.
Elicia: You're looking pretty wow yourself.
I started blushing in tern, unable to stop the blood from rushing to my face. She wasn't wrong, I looked amazing. I'd gone back to town to buy the outfit I had been admiring earlier with Robyn and the black taffeta over skirt with petticoats alone would have been amazing, but combined with the long silk gloves and dark corset that did amazing things to my breasts, they transformed me into a dark gothic goddess.
Elicia: Shall we go milady? The ball awaits.
She held out her arm, I slipped mine through it and we set out together.

The dance was as I expected, filled with terrible music and people I didn't like. Robyn still hadn't turned up by the time we got there, so I did my best impression of a wall flower while waiting, trying to ignore the looks and glares people were throwing at me. I quickly became thankful that I had been drinking earlier, even in my half drunk state I could feel the pressure of everyone's attention pushing against my mind. Coming here totally sober would have been a super bad idea. As it was I only survived by keeping most of my attention focused on Elicia, trying to pretend all the others weren't there. Not that my Rainbow Girl wasn't without her own drama.
Elicia: Ami, did you lure me under false pretences?
Amicula: What I, no-no. Why would you say that?
Elicia: You promised me dancing.
Amicula: I did no such thing.
Elicia: It's called a 'Dance.' The dancing was implied.
I did a quick scan of the room, but Robyn and the sleaze hadn't turned up yet. I hoped they hadn't decided to skip straight to the traditional post-dance activities, that would have sunk my plan without any hope of recovery.
Amicula: People dancing at a dance? I've never heard of such a thing.
Elicia: They really should put more thought into this non-dance dance. The name must have confused so many people.
Amicula: Next thing you know there will be guys and girls dancing together, think of the scandal!
Elicia: A terrible terrible thing. Good thing it's just us girls here.
Amicula: So much better.
Elicia: So?
Amicula: So?
Elicia: Do you want to dance? With me.
Amicula: What out there? Around people?
Elicia: You're hopeless sometimes.
She grabbed my hand and led me out onto the dance floor, near the edge but still too visible for my comfort. I could feel the pressure on my mental barriers grow as more people began to glance at us.

Amicula: Umm E, I don't do this. Dance where I can be seen. I really need to go, to not be here.
She hushed me and turned to drape her hands over my shoulders, locking eyes with my own
Elicia: Just focus on me Little Shadow, there's no one else here, only the two of us. And you do owe me a dance.
My hands automatically went to her waste in response and she gave me another half smile, starting to move in time to the music. The vodka was really starting to kick in by this point so I figured what the hell, and joined in. If I could survive it sure beat standing around being bored.

The dance didn't last long and some upbeat piece of shit I'd never heard of came on and we dropped out arms. She smiled at me again, an obvious invitation and question, and I couldn't help but smile back. I'd already survived one dance, why not another?

E was much better at it than me, her dancing embodying the 'Who-Gives-A-Fuck' attitude that was the best thing about her. I mean tend not to give a fuck either, but I can't own it like she does. Plus I'm only a passable dancer normally, and the outfit sure wasn't helping, but with E still so close I got caught up in her energy and stopped worrying. She was so closer her flickering, waving arms still seemed around me, close enough to see her laughing eyes reflecting the coloured lights above us, close enough for my hair to brush her face as I spun my head, close enough for me to smell her, something exotic yet familiar like a happy memory from childhood you've half forgotten. The scent engulfed and drove me.

The song ended and moved onto something low and slow and I didn't wait for her to ask, I wasn't done dancing. I wrapped my arms over her shoulders and around her neck, while her arms encircled me and she pressed her body against my own. She was unbelievable warm, intoxicating, tantalising as it radiated out and every fibre within me suddenly tensed.

I couldn't breath. The music, the people around us, the storm of emotions raining against my mind, it all disappeared until there was only Elicia. Rainbow Girl, the mysterious bewitching creature who treated the world like I only wished I could. Exciting, brilliant, always ready with the right words to take away my worries and get me all turned about and flustered. Possessed of an undeniable, almost inhuman beauty unlike anyone I'd ever met, and pressed up against me in what I now realised was a very thin dress.

The world had disappeared and Elicia grew to fill the void. I looked at her and saw all the little details I'd never noticed before. The spots where the many coloured hair dye had stained her skin, a pale almost invisible scar that ran down from her corner of her mouth to the edge of her chin, a spider-web of sorrow hinting lines etched out between her eyes, eyes that were caught on my own, no longer asking a question but offering a promise, still glimmering with laughter, but a shallow mirth that was layered over a rare vulnerability she was letting me see for the first time.

She leant in and kissed me with peppermint lips.

I don't know what I did it. Maybe because I was drunk, too drunk to care about tomorrow or yesterday. Maybe I was sick of mourning Jordan, of the hatred and self loathing I drowned myself in every day. Maybe because E was an exciting, exotic, and embarrassingly gorgeous girl burning red hot in my arms. Maybe I was just tired of being alone.

I don't know why, but I forgot all about Robyn, the plan, the dance, my tortured history and returned the kiss, matching fire with fire as the long burning heat between us reached breaking point.
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