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Noticing her movements into what is almost a battle stance, Nicos moves his hands well away from any of his blades - confident in his ability to defend himself without them, and confident of Shade's ignorance of that skill.

"The people from the Citadel. You know, brotherhood of mages. Live out in the wilderness. A blind mage is a member. Ringing any bells here? Look, I'll quickly tell you what happened, but details will have to wait until we get back there."

Taking a deep breathing, and noting to no small amount of relief that her blades are still sheathed, he begins.

"After you had left the clearing, the people from the Citadel came and got it. It seems that they were hesitant to allow non-mages to enter their sanction. They needed some information about you, and because I can cause some effects that they would call magic, they judged me a lesser risk. That said they took me there, questioned me, and debated through the night as to what to do. At some point this morning they came to the decision to let you in, and told me you were approaching along this trail."

Giving Shade an apprising look, Nicos adds.

"And now that I've had time to get a good look at you I would rather like to know what happened to you. Frankly you look as if you had spent all 36 odd hours, since we last saw each other, battling for every step you made."
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