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A long difficult day goes a long way towards pushing Shade from merely irritated to barely checked anger. Finding Blarth had been something of a relief, but starting the day off with orcish voices disturbing her nightmare had put her squarely on the wrong foot. She withdrew from the others mentally, and theirs was a mostly silent trek into the unknown. Throughout the day the images from the previous evening come back time and again to haunt her, like black and silver ghosts, until she can almost see the images overlaid upon the waking landscape.

Lost in dark thoughts, she is roused by a most unexpected sound: singing. It is out of place in this wasteland; beyond that, it is pure stupidity for one to attract attention to themselves that way. She is reminded of Itches, the naive youth who had died only a week past, and she beats the memory ruthlessly down. It wasn't her fault he was dead.

With only a look and a gesture to Cadrius and Blarth, she sets off toward the sound. Her meaning is nevertheless clear: wait here until I see what it is. The sun is starting it's descent in the western sky and any warmth from the copper disk has faded. She can fill the chill in her fingers as they wrap around the hilt of her blade to keep it from making any noise. The singing grows louder as she approaches, pointedly ignoring the lyrics lest it bring back memories best forgotten. She slows her pace and crouches down, moving with as much stealth as she can muster up a small rise.

There, below her, is the source of the singing. Crouched behind the scrub, her eyes narrow as the song ends and she contemplates the figure down below. Nicos, most certainly. Her hand doesn't leave her sword as she digests the information. They had left him three nights ago, time enough for him to get here if he hadn't delayed. They had wasted a bit of time searching for Blarth. She looks around for Laronar but he is nowhere to be seen.

Why didn't Nicos wait, if his intent was to come here anyway?

A valid question, and one that she didn't have an answer for. Was he playing some sort of game with them? The thought disturbs her, but the bard had put himself at odds with his own father to help them escape Karkas. She watches a little longer, waiting to see if some other companion appears, but there are none. Well, there was only one way to find out. She circles a bit wider, still hidden, and approaches him from his flank. Remembering how alert he is, she doesn't bother to get too close before revealing herself. She stands and addresses him from perhaps 40 feet away.

"An odd place for a lullaby, don't you think? You're lucky it's me that showed up and not a band of orcs. Or worse."