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"Blood? Wounds?" Blarth asks in confusion.

I don't feel injured.

Looking down at his arms and legs Blarth notes the dried blood and tears in his clothing. Carefully probing on of the larger holes he finds the familiar fresh skin that comes along with his forced healing.

"It looks like I..." Blarth begins, before the memory of the fight with the grimlocks comes rushing back.

"Grotgewoner!" he exclaims, "Cave dwellers. Uhh... They're grey and have no eyes but see as well as any orc..." Blarth says, trying to explain, "I don't know what they are called in your tounge, but they ambushed me. Thought I'd make a fine meal I suppose."

Stopping to take a drink from the offered waterskin, Blarth thirstily drinks down a fair bit of it.

"I remember beating them and then trying to find their supplies. Food and water, they must have had some. After that though, it gets hazy. I'm not sure how I got from there to here," Blarth concludes, looking around at the area around them.