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Shade stalks through the wilderness without a sound and it feels as though she is the only thing in the world that is moving. The forest is unnaturally still, the moonlight making it seem a frieze etched in black and silver. Up ahead, she knows there will be an orcish sentry. It makes sense, but she knows with a certainty beyond what common sense dictates. Odd, but no less odd than the feeling of moving through petrified wood composed of precious metals.

She sees it's squat form up ahead; ungainly, repulsive - but cunning for all that. One might not even notice him were they less wary. Her sword clears it's scabbard silently, one more silvered petal in this forest of her dreams, and her feet slide over blackened earth silently. Metallic grey eyes fixate on the slight hollow where neck joins skull, conveniently exposed despite the armor it wears. She raises the blade for the thrust as she comes into range and in the eternity it takes for her arm to move forward she contemplates the utter stillness of this place.

The shock of the impact travels up her arm and into her shoulder yet the noise she is expecting - something like a shovel driven into half frozen ground - never sounds. The body of the orc is simply gone and she is poised on the edge of a clearing, knowing - once more with unnatural certainty - that Blarth and Cadrius are poised to leap into action. A huge fire burns there, it's flames blood red, tinting silver darkness crimson, surrounded by a dozen orcs. Beyond the fire a man steps into view, shimmering faintly in the darkness that seems to blot out everything near him, and his eyes find hers. Her soul freezes and she finds herself stricken to immobility, just as everything else seemed to be. Her fear wells up, fanning the frigid flame in it's icy breeze. A black cavern in her mind yawns wide enough to swallow her whole and then Blarth's voice cuts through her like a butcher's knife.

"Kalak, gran ourd Haardworden. Ile maf izol marugh!"

She snaps awake, her sword snaking out as her eyes look for the danger, her mind still whirling with images from her dream.


Cadrius is looking at Blarth with concern and, realizing the half-orc had cried out in his sleep, Shade breathes a sigh of relief that it isn't anything more serious. She wasn't the only one with bad dreams, it seemed. Sheathing her sword, she gauges the angle of the sun and thanks any gods who might be listening that the weather hasn't turned bad.

"Food, at least. Rest may have to wait. We shouldn't spend any more time out in the middle of nowhere than we have to."