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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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"He would not have waited," Cadrius says, sitting opposite of the fire from Blarth, "he would have used it immediately, but it was no potion of poultice that did it. He left his belongings at camp before the battle with the giant--" he tilts his head to the backpack lying nearby "--and could not have carried much with him. This was not Blarth's doing."

He can't shake the feeling that there's some other force at work here, something beyond the veneer of the physical world. A foreboding hatches deep within him and begins to hungrily gnaw its way into his consciousness. Still, Blarth is alive, and it's something to be grateful for.

The two take watches as usual, Cadrius preferring to be awake in the predawn hours. Despite his weariness he lies awake for a long time, his back to the campfire, worrying about what would take an interest in a simple half-orc. These thoughts continue to plague him when he is gently awoken by Shade. Once more completing his ritual of polishing his weapons and armor, Cadrius keeps the fire burning until well after dawn. He lets Shade and Blarth sleep, one looked exhausted and the other catatonic. If a little extra sleep will help, then he's more than willing to give it to them.

Cadrius sits amidst the cold morning air and alternately studies Shade and Blarth. Both are mysterious, but he would be hard pressed to say which one is more enigmatic.