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My cat was out side the door, meowing, and it is raining, so I got up and let her inside. Rather then walk up to me or whatnot, she started sniffing the ground - at which point I noticed a mouse shaped shadow flitting across the room. The cat hadn't spotted it, and the door was still open at this point, and it slipped into the gap with the door jam

So I closed it on it

The door didnít close all the way, but there was some crunching (body being crushed.) My cat still hadn't found it, and the mouse-tail was hanging out, and I assumed it was dead

Then the tail picked up, and went with the rest of the mouse in the door jam. So alive it was

Now I tried to close the door the rest of the way. It took a bit off an effort, and a big crunching noise, but I got it shut.
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