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Looking through the fractured glass a stranger peers at me. Who is this person peering at me, blood dripping down her face? Who is this person who looks at me with such despair, such anger, such vengeance in her eyes?

This is the person who defeated me. This is the person who beat me down time after time, never letting me up. Screaming out.

I hate you. I love you

Tears leaking out of her face. Is she crying? Who is she? I love her.

A perfect face marred by old scares still bleeding, focused by eyes older then her years, younger then she deserves.

She screams.

You killed me

A sudden blow, the fractured glass shatters. I fall way from her and lie on the cold floor.

Why? Who are you? I hate you! Why?

Her hand creeps to my throat, a voice whispers

I love you. Why wont you let me go?

I cry I thrash

I love you. Stop, your hurting me.

The hands clench tighter


The voice demands


My head bounces off the floor again and again.

You killed me!
I hate you! I love you.

The hands release and I flop to the floor. My eyes open and I see her reflected in broken glass. Poetic to her eyes so full of pain.

I love you. Why wont you let me go?

I love you why did you let me die?

The glass raises and I loose sight of her. She cries

You held me in your arms at night and told me you would never let go.

Iím sorry

I love you

You let me die. I hate you

The shard descends and enters my chest. Blood flows free

Why? Why did you kill me?

I love you

Iím not dead

You died long ago

I hate you

You killed yourself

I am you.

I love you forever
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