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The paladin turns toward Maeko, letting one hand loose from his sword. "Nice kick." Just as he's about to say more, the sound of Itches screaming in terror reaches his ears. He whirls around, facing the source of the sound. "Help Shade and finish that one. I'll be busy over there."

He rushes to the post, only to see the two combatants lying on the ground, motionless. He quickly checks the minstrel for signs of life; his arm is bleeding badly, but otherwise he seems all right. The paladin drops to a crouch next to Itches, placing his free hand on the injury. For a moment, everything around them seems to be completely still -- and, when the paladin removes his hand, the bleeding has stopped, though the wound is far from healed.

"Right," he says, looking at the unconscious gnoll. "Time for some answers."

[[Laying on hands: 1 point of healing for Itches, enough to stabilize him just in case.]]
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