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"I could try something." Comes the reply, "I dared not try it before for fear of being found trying to escape - and consequently ending my little adventure." He explains. There is a long pause and Cadrius thinks the person working his bindings or some other devious trick.

"It might be dangerious, I'm unarmed, but my arts could compensate... somewhat. If you wish I will attempt to escape, but be ready." There is more silence as Cadogan finishes whispering across the room. Cadrius thinks the words that follow are strained or in pain, they seem inhuman, could it be his mind?

Suddenly the cave lights up for a split second, as the a thin sheet of flame shoots from bound hands against a stone wall and back against the instigator of the spell.

Cadogan Squirms in pain as his own magical flames burn his hands - but hopefully it would be be burning his binds as well and the price was worth it. Quickly the light disappears, and Cadogan lets out a yelp of pain from the burns. However the burning embers of badly scortched rope still shine through the room.

And Cadogan uses all his might to break the rope, the mage finding it painful as his new burns rub against the binding slowly cracking it untill finally his hands are free.

"Never ask me to do that again!" Cadogan whispers across the room, "It's done. Hold on!"

Cadogan crawls across the floor in haste, his legs still bound. He feels around in the soil, finding Cadrius' leg and working his way up to the shoulders, then down to the elbows and finally to his bound hands.

"This might be tricky..." Cadogan explains as he feels the hemp rope and begins to try to work it loose.

(Cadogan takes 6 damage)
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