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Refusing to Sow [Epic GM]

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Unaware of the battle raging in the woods Cadrius slowly opens his eyes and is greeted by the same darkness that he had sunk into previously. What time was it? Where was he? He can't answer these questions. What had happened to him? It felt like he had been knocked into next week.

He tries to prop himself up but quickly finds his arms and legs bound. The knots in the rope dig cruelly into his flesh as he attempts to struggle into an upright position. A rock wall. He feels the stone behind him. Was he in a cave? A dungeon?

Reaching up to touch his jaw he winces and cries out. Pain shoots through him and tears roll down his cheeks. It was broken or badly dislocated. A memory flashes, a giant gnoll smashing its mailed fist into his face. The rest comes back together in a rush. He had come barreling down the path like the idiot that he was and he had been ambushed.

But why wasn't he dead? Or was he? No, he didn't think so. Death wasn't supposed to be like this.

It is then that Cadrius realizes he isn't alone. He hears some similar ragged breathing somewhere in the darkness nearby. Was it another gnoll to finish the job? A monster? Another captive?

"Who's there," he manages to ask, the words barely being able to be formed around his wounded jaw.