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She eyes the paladin's back as he concentrates on the trail ahead, feeling uncomfortable in his presence. Unconsciously she wonders if he feels the same way. She knew that one of his stature could feel evil the same way she could feel the heat of the sun, and briefly her mind goes back to the dark forest where she began this trek. Would such a place blind him?

What is it that he sees?

Her heart drops as she sees Cadrius; he looks like death itself and for a moment her strength flees her as she fears the worst. The words of Paladin come back to her -alive but weak- and her hopes rise once again. Itches has already foolishly charged forward, despite the possibility of a trap. Paladin is moving forward as well when the trap is sprung.

As if it could be anything but, and yet the men charge blindly forward. Some things never do change.

Maeko leaps past her to aid Paladin just as Itches touches Cadrius and he abruptly disappears. Her mind screams as his image fades; was he still alive somewhere? She needed to know. Rushing forward in Maeko's wake, she can almost feel the shock of the blow as the club slams into her friend. Angling to flank the beast, her twin swords flash as they spring silently out from her sheathes. She aims a savage cut at the club wielder and is rewarded with the feel of her steel biting into flesh and bone.

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