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It is well past midday when she returns to the trail where the dead gnolls keep silent sentry. The others have left and she looks bitterly on the bodies of the fallen, wishing she shared Maeko's peace with these four.


It had been four the first night they'd been attacked, and four more now. What did it mean? She hadn't lied when she'd told Cadrius they often went in search of slaves but it seemed unusual for them to be attacked a second time when they had proven a difficult catch. She eyed their shields and the barbaric devices there, etched or painted as the case might be. She couldn't read their tongue but the devices looked the same as the former quartet.

The same tribe, then.

It was very curious, but she couldn't decipher the riddle. Shaking her head slowly she puts a little stretch into her stride as she follows her companions up the track. The air is cool and crisp, though not near as cold as it was this morning, but after a short while her rapid pace has her sweating freely. Her brows are furrowed as she read the prints along the trail; she can see all four of her former companions, their passage written for any with the skill to see it.

One set disturbs her, though. She is almost sure it is Cadrius, and from the length of the stride and depth of the impressions he looked to be moving quickly. And ahead of the others. The skin on the back of her neck prickles as thoughts fly crazily through her head like a dark flock of bats. Worried, her stride quickens and soon she is jogging along, a fleet shadow among the green.