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·····Subchapter 9b - Meanwhile, somewhere else

The camp was neat and essencial, as it was the habit of the order when travelling.

The sisters had made haste Eastwards, eager to bring back the relic to its rightful, honored place; Maeko, as the one most instrumental to the Bowl’s recovery, had been given the honour, and the burden, of its custody.

So it was that, when it happened, the young nun wasn’t eating with her sisters, but meditating in the shrine-tent.
She had been fasting, both in thankfulness and penance, the former because she had been granted the possibility to atone for her past misdeeds, the latter to purge herself of the longing and regret she still felt for her chance-met companions; murmuring the Sutra of the Pearl she sat, contemplating the love and grace of Master Botahara, when the forest outside suddenly grew silent, an heart-beat later the silence was shattered by a throaty scream.

Attack! Without thinking Maeko rushed out, and stopped suddenly.

At first glance everything looked as it should have, but for a knot of four sisters bent over something.

“Ahhhrrrrrr” the scream rose again.
Maeko recognized the voice, it was Sister Yumei, the Seer. She started running to where the four were holding down the seer so that she , when in the spirits’ power, would not injure herself unwittingly.

The ear-piercing, bestial sounds started to form words, Yumei youthful visage changed, became more mature, as she started to speak in the Abbess’voice.

“Daughters.” Her breathing was laboured, often interrupted by a cough “ The Emperor…accused us of treason….the imperial army attacked few days ago……they are in, the Temple is burning….. you are…”

Silence. Maeko stole a glance to her sisters, only to see in their eyes the unbelieving horror she herself felt.

“ …The only remains of Phoenix’s song Monastery. …. Save what you can, my daughters…. Find a place…rebuild…. May the grace of… ”

Sister Yumei’s eyes rolled up as she fainted.

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