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The sisters were on the move.
It didn't take long to struck their camp, travelling light had some distinct advantages, so, after the priest had come back with his news, they were ready to go after a few hours.

"The names you said, sister" he had told Maeko, that morning " 'Botahara', 'Jade Peak' struck a bell for me,...sounded familiar', he amended at her confused look.
"I knew I had heard them before, but couldn't remember where, now I know. May I speak with your prioress?".

It came out that the priest, Jaylon was his name, had worked as a caravan guard 'in his previous life' as he put it, and at one time had worked for a foreign merchant. " One who came from the whereabouts of Jade Peak, by the name of Harayama Akira. We kept in touch for a few years, last I know he had settled in a city north-west of here, managing a branch of his father's merchant house".
Jaylon stopped, enjoying the effect of his news. He wasn't disappointed, to Maeko's eyes the prioress had to struggle visibily to mantain her composure.
The Harayamas were well known for their piety, and the generosity of their patronage to the order, to find one so near, after having considered themselves lost in a foreign world was cause for joy indeed.

" I cannot guarantee he'll still be there" cautioned the priest, " but he was three years ago, and, if he has moved I think you'll be able to know where he went."

He gave them a map, and some money the sister weren't able to refuse, and then went back to the village, before they could even properly thank him.

" But you will remembered every day, as we chant the sutras in the presence of the Master, Jaylon the priest", thought Maeko, walking away from the clearing on the path he had showed them. " May you find enlightenment in this life".

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