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The priest had left somewhat in a hurry, albeit a good natured one, his willingness to help as evident as his unsettingly direct gaze.

Without really knowing how, Maeko had found herself acting as the nuns' intermediary with the locals.
You speak their language better, Sister, had said the prioress, and have come to know the barbarians' behaviour...
Sometimes, when her thoughts strayed from the work at hand, Maeko still wondered if the older nun had meant this as a compliment, ...or a reproach.
In any case, she had gotten used to the task and so, when the stranger entered the camp, she nodded to Sister Fuyin to take her place at the cooking-fire and approached him.

He moved purposefully, with a firm, powerful stride wich somehow reminded Maeko of Cadrius and Paladin: he had been likely trained as a warrior, then, and from his stance and the way his hand rested on his sword hilt, one expecting trouble, and making abundantly clear he was no easy prey.

Why someone would feel the need for such a statement in a camp of Botahist nuns totally escaped her...
At her approach he spoke : "Howdy" and waited, as if expecting an answer, the word itself meant nothing to Maeko, but, judjing from the tone, it was likely to be a greeting, so she bowed to the stranger as to a guest.

"Welcome to our camp", she said, " how can we help you?"

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