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Ben pulled his hat down further over his eyes, shielding them from the few sun rays that managed to penetrate through the forest canopy. It was starting to get colder as winter approached, so he would probably need to find some warmer clothes soon. But his current clothing suited him fine for now. Besides, he doubted the witches who supposedly lived here would care what he wore.

"Witches" eh? Probably just some sorceresses too stupid to keep their magic hidden. The family Ben had spoken too had seemed very concerned and fearful of these newcomers. Soon after telling him about them, they had packed up and moved on, probably heading to one of the larger cities. Deciding to check it out, more out of curiosity than anything, Ben walked towards where the family had said the witched lived. If these so-called witches were actually as terrible and dangerous as the family had claimed, he figured he would take care of them. If not, well then he would just find out the truth.

A man walking in the other direction caught Ben's eye. The other man wore clothing that seemed to show something significant around here, but Ben wasn't familiar enough with the area to know what yet. The two men exchanged nods, but nothing else. They kept walking in their respective directions without slowing. Soon Ben came to a clearing. It was just a slightly elaborate camp, nothing to really get worked up over. The only thing that made it remarkable were the odd symbols here and there that Ben couldn't recognize.

Oh, and the very strange-looking women that seemed to occupy it. Resting one hand on his sword hilt, Ben lifted the brim of his hat with the other, looking at the strange "witches".

"Howdy," was all he said.