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Nevermore continues to work, now on his second 9mm. He designs it the same way as the first.

"Well long story short. We are a dysfunctional blended family of supernatural types. My real name is not Pope, you can call my Nevermore; all the Order of Hermes does." Nevermore flashes a smile, his head wreathed in smoke. "The guy in the basement is old, like walked with Jesus old...ok well not that old, but you get it. We hang with a couple others, one is kinda like you. I am not sure of your, what do they call it: pact, tribe, sept, whatever it is he is a Silent Strider. I mean you are a wolf man, right?"

Nevermore has finished crafting the two guns with his symbols. He then begins to grab empty clips and begin to fill them with bullets.

"Oh hey look at me making a long story longer. To cut to the chase, we pissed of the local cyborgs and they want us deader than dead. You saw what one of their kind did, so you can imagine just how dead they want us. So we were off to the mall when you ran into us, or we ran into you as the case may be."

Nevermore takes off his jacket and lights another smoke. He moves over to a mannequin and takes off it's green shirt to replace his own bloodstained one. Once he puts the shirt on he then grabs the bulletproof vest from a display and puts it on and his jacket back over it, zipping it up to cover the vest.

"Hey Flynn, don't blow us all up just yet. We need to work on some kind of disguise for us before we hightail it out of here, there are all kinds of different clothes up here. Oh, and did you find any car keys whey you rolled the gay Rambo? I really don't want to ride another bus any time soon."

OOC: I figure that this place has a bulletproof vest, if not just say so. Also taking a leap to move things along a bit, I figure as a life mage I should be able to tell what Thanos is playing since he is in no way trying to hide it from us - I mean he is an obvious PC type, so he must be one of the good guys right? Also took your advice and grabbed another gun, since you suggested it one can only imagine just how many Hit Marks we will have to fight on our way to the GAP to buy cheap suits.
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