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OOC: About the Building: Standard 1 story plus basement. not attached, but so close to the neighboring buildings that only rats and roaches can pass between one building and the next. If you blow one, the ones around it will likely fall too.

Yes, you can whip up something quick. its a matter of time and ingredients. You can throw some gunpowder in empty paint cans with some thing to make a wick. You can throw together a timer from an old clock. but this isn't radio shack, so the parts for electronics will need more time. Zeb believed in guns and grenades, not claymores and demolitions (likely because he wasn't trained in them).

For Pope, yes, you can partially enhance the gun for your magic, but since you are using standard parts and quick scrawling, it will be temporary, and the gun will deteriorate quickly from too much going through it (forces working through it will do physical damage to the actual gun over time). So it'll help you for maybe 1 full gunfight, but beyond that... You might want to grab a backup.

Luo, want anything?
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