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"Good to meet you Luo; and a big thanks for the herbal help you gave me back in the ambulance." Nevermore finishes up his work at disabling the cameras and security system. He then reaches into his jacket pocket and produces a pack of smokes that he quickly lights with the clink clank of a Zippo.

"So, Luo. What brings you to this fine city in Arizona? I mean with the accent you aren't from anywhere around here, or so I surmise."

While speaking Nevermore moves around behind the counter and opens the cabinet containing the 9mm pistols. He grabs one and pulls back the slide, smiling as it clicks back into place. Placing the pistol down on the counter he fiddles around behind the counter moving things this way and that. Finally he finds a Dremel tool and screwdriver. Moving in a haze of smoke from his dangling cigarette he goes to work at removing the imitation wood grain grip on the right side of the handle. Nevermore then uses the Dremel to engrave a Delta sign in the metal of the handle, he then places a sideways eight within the Delta.

Looking over his handy work, Nevermore smiles.

OOC: Just trying to make a gun that I can use as a Focus for Forces magic a little bit easier to hopefully avoid any 'fast cast' penalties for not having my Wonder to shoot with.
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