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IC: "Oh yes, I have a feeling things are going to get MUCH worse. And yes we can put him downstairs before we leave, but is it safe for us to go down there? We need to chat quickly and I'd rather not do it where we can be seen from the street." He says as he moves around the store picking up some of the odds and ends he spotted earlier.

"You see we have inadverdantly made some folks rather upset and I expect some more of there representatives to be showing up here VERY soon." Taking the supplies he picked up he heads down the stairs. Looking to one side he sees all the weaponsmithing machinery and smiles, looking to the other side his smile falters, "Wow..... this was one sick bastard."

Moving to the machine shop he begins to assemble 2 devices. "Come on down guys, and bring our host too. This will only take me a few minutes and we can talk while I work."

OOC: Ok first of need to know about this building is it a stand alone or connected to another one, also 1 story and basement or is there a 2nd floor. Demolitions 4 Im going to be building 2 IED'S to bring down building and take out the next wave of Hit-marks that we KNOW must be coming, BUT dont want to blow-up the whole damn town. I figure we have maybe a half hr before the next wave arrives looking to pick up the trail and plan to be gone by then.
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