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IC: As soon as Jeb drops Flynn turns and hags the 'CLOSED' sign in the front door and locks it. Then walks over to him and drags him to the the back of the shop. Quickly checking him for anything useful, such as a key on a chain, and disarming him he locks Jeb in the shitter.

" HMMMM not exactly what I had in mind ....but it works." Watching nevermore do his thing he waits a couple of seconds and asks "Are we clear yet Bud?" Seeing the look on Nevermore's face he knows both that they are not being monitered and thereis something weird in the building.

As he begins to walk around the shop ,cataloging what he wants to take when they leave. "No Garou, we are not exactly your kind. However we have no problems with you in fact we have a very good freind that is a Garou as well. And yes you have walked into a Hell of a mess. Ahhh!" Finding some handcuffs behind the counter he walks back to the bathroom, where he left Jeb, goes in handcuffs Jeb's hands behind his back and pulls off jebs shoe and a sock. using the sock he gags Jeb and walks back out and relocks the door.
"So Pope there somewhere here we can talk with our new friend out of sight of the street. I hope you will listen to us before you decide if you will help us or run for your life, but again you have nothing to fear from us."

OOC: WONDERFUL you drop us into weapon heaven and we can only hope to take what we can conceal or ditch easily . Oh well Im sure i cancome up with some little surprises from here .
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