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Dresden files aside, I have also read a White Wolf Press novel concerning the Wyrm and the Black Spiral. While we aren't going that far now, what I'm thinking about concerns resisted magic as you mentioned.

My guess is that you will plan to use your magic to perform some magic with the quintessence you have at hand. As I noted, the first spell or two will be a surprise, and likely have a good chance of going off unless it takes time or gets noticed in some way. But once you get your first spell off (regardless of whether it works or not) the complex will be alerted to your presence. The impression I got from The WoD book about the Wyrm's den is that there is a kind of spirit presence (much like what could be found in a Garou den). Only that spider/demon is going to do whatever it can against intruders. Now being that this is a den of Weaver and Wyrm, you can imagine a kind of Spider presence. Setting off a spell or using a major gift will set off any multitude of tremors along the web.

So yes, you can use your dynamic magic at least once... we'll see what you do and what the results are before seeing what happens after that. Ok?
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