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Yes, still in the umbra, but its an odd twisting of the umbra... a melding of the living and the machine. Insanity to dwell on too deeply. You are crawling/making your way through a cave tunnel that looks like it has been dug out of the ground, but lined with the spider webs of technology. The far end of the tunnel has a covering that looks like a grate on a pipe, but is made of the material that wyrm dwellings are made of. bone and the hardened mucus of formori monstrosities.

Beyond the grate is a passageway that is lined with pulsating tubes. the tubes could be veins or arteries with dark material... wyrm blood flowing through them. But their placement is like the placement of power lines and conduits in a passageway of the plant. Basically, if you changed back to reality, this would look like any other tunnel lined with lots of tubes and wires.. but in the umbra, they are arteries, and veins, etc.

A passageway goes both directions, and one smells more of BSDs so it might lead to the next. the other way gives no indication of its destination.

Depending on how long you want to wait in the passageway, I will say more or not.
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