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XP and what to do with it

As some of you have probably already noticed, I have awarded XP. I'd like to take some time and explain the XP system I use and some of my thoughts concerning a Mage's growth.

First, you'll notice that the XP is split into two parts, Magickal and Mundane. In order to kind of force you to flesh out the more mundane aspects of your character, i split it up. IMO, a Mage with a 6 Arete and 0 Mage Lore isn't realistic or feasible.

What You Can Do With Magickal XP
raise spheres, arete, or the more magickal Backgrounds (Dream, Arcane, etc.) with ST approval
You can also spend the Magickal XP as you would the Mundane, but not vice versa.

What You Can Do With Mundane XP
raise Attributes, Abilities (T/S/K), Willpower, and the more Mundane Backgrounds with ST approval

in short, you can spend Magickal XP any way you want, but Mundane XP must be spent on improving the non-magickal side of your character.

Second, you'll probably notice that the amount granted is far more than what the books tell you to expect. Three reasons;

1) the first award is always big in my games. it helps to flesh out the character a bit more before the actual campaign starts.

2) i want the characters to progress meaningfully. two months of game time for a measly 4-5 XP is fine for some, but i have greater goals in mind for these characters, and to survive, they'll need all the help they can.

3) how else can i put it? you guys are awesome, and while this is my first experience with online play, i've been Storytelling for years. i'm really excited about where this is going, and you're the biggest reason.

Third, i'll spill the beans before you go crazy spending XP. every character's going to have two weeks "downtime" before the first real "chapter" begins. That's just enough time to get a few study points from a Library or teacher So, you may want to save some or all until that roll is made and you know where you stand.

Fourth, I do require that we discuss what you plan on raising or initiating prior to XP expenditure. if you want to do that in this thread, fine, or if you want to do it in the private sub-forums, that's cool, too.

Fifth, kinda ties in with the above. if you're thinking of raising Arete, you must notify me. from that point forward, all Magickal XP is considered already spent, and the "Visionquest" begins. XP already granted before pronouncing your intention does not count toward raising Arete. this is a big thing for Mages, and just because you have the XP saved up doesn't mean you've earned the right to spend it on Arete.

thoughts, questions, concerns?