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((It was Telepathic Projection))

A Slow smile comes across Whonans face.. as he reaches in one of his pouches... returning his hand to plain site clutching something. Again a shower of prisms fall around him.... and again there is a slight tugging on the womans mind.... reassuring her that everything will be alright.

This time Whonan speaks aloud with no direction or focus... but not loud enough for the guards now swarming around the tavern down the road to hear.

"I have no intentions of malice... however I am very curious..."
He trails off thinking again for a moment.

"... your chances of surviving the guards with my help is far greater than if you fair them alone. The choice is yours... talk with me... or face the town guard."

He clasps his hand on the shoulder of Cadrius reassuring him that everything will be alright.

((Diplomacy +14... Save DC13, you roll 'em))
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